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Creative Considerations for November 2019

Hey everyone. Welcome to another episode of Creative Considerations.

This is the November edition for Anne Arundel county and we’re going to be talking about basically a snapshot as the market, how it stands currently forecasting and reflecting on what we saw back in October. And then I’ll give you some kind of insights and opinions on how I feel the market is moving. You see a lot of red arrows up here, a lot of things are going down and you can expect that this time of year. So we’re going to see a lot of things slowing down as we get into the fourth quarter and into the winter season and the holidays here.

Coming Soon

Only 60 homes coming soon. And what that means is there’s about 60 properties that are going to come on in the next 21 days or so that will be available for showings, but currently those are not available to actually go view.

Active Listings

The next thing we want to take a look at is the active home. 2081 active homes for sale. You can go tour today in Anne Arundel county. This number is a decrease as well. In October, we had 769 homes sold. Year to date from 2018 to 2019, last couple of months we’ve actually seen more home sales than in 2018, which is good, but we’re still sitting around about 2.7 months, which means it’s still pretty much a sellers market and there’s not a whole lot of inventory out there.

Price list versus Sold Percentage

Next, let’s take a look at price list versus sold percentage. It’s an important number to look at this time of year because it has gone down and what that means is that they’ve been sitting a little bit longer. A motivated seller going to want to try to do something to get the home sold before they get into the holidays, so we traditionally will see some price decreases, so it’s only 96.3% from the list to the actual sold price.

What does all that mean? In my opinion, it’s going into the holiday season, the weather here in Maryland, it gets pretty cold. We get snow ice. It’s not really pleasant to be outside this time of year. It’s a quality versus quantity type of situation, where in the summer we were seeing a lot of activity. A lot of buyers coming out, multiple offers driving prices up. Now you’re going to see fewer buyers out there, fewer homes on the market, but the quality of the people who are willing to get out there, put on their parkas and tread through the snow and the ice and rain and the wind, those are serious buyers. And the sellers who are still having their homes on the market, those are serious sellers. So you’re going to see more quality and not as much quantity. This is your market snapshot for November 2019, if you have any questions or comments please leave them below and I’d be happy to get back to you and thank you so much for watching. I will see you soon.

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