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Sylvan View, Hunters Harbor, and Sillery Bay

Community Tour in Pasadena Maryland

Take a guided tour of Sylvan View, Hunters Harbor, and Sillery Bay neighborhoods in Pasadena, Maryland.

Hey everyone, it’s James Bowerman with the Real Creative Group of Douglas Realty and coming to you with another episode of Creative Communities.

So today we’re not looking at just one, we’re actually looking at three communities. I’m going to tour you through starting with Sylvan View, then Hunters Harbor and Sillery Bay. Now what’s great, these are all three located on the Magothy River water-privileged in Pasadena, Maryland. Overall in these three communities we have about 500, a little over 500 homes. Since January one of 2018 there’s only been about 40 closed sales, a little less than that. So not a lot of homes coming on the market for sale here. There are currently four homes for sale, two of those homes are actually waterfront. So there are some waterfront homes in this community.

As we look straight forward here you can see these ranchers, those are on Grays Creek, which enter into the Magothy. Those are going to be waterfront and they lead us straight to the private community marina, that’s only for residents. So another great feature of these three communities, there are two private marinas and there’s three private beaches and you’re going to see all three of those.

Now, of those four homes currently for sale, two of them are waterfront. One is at 1.2 million and the other’s at 1.5 million, but overall the average price is going to be in the low 400s, about 415,000 in the last couple of years since January one 2018.

So now as we ride up here, you can see this gorgeous view of the private community beach here at Sylvan View. It overlooks the Magothy River directly across, you’ll see Dobbins Island, and then on the left you’ll see Gibson Island.

Hunters Harbor

Now we’re coming back to Hickory Point Road, which is the main road to come into the community where we started. We’re going to cross the street here and this is where we head into Hunters Harbor. So Hunters Harbor is the next community over, and this is actually the community where I live in. And again, as we head down towards the water, it has its own private community beach. It’s got its own pavilion, it’s got playground facilities, it’s got a pier and it’s also got a boat ramp. And right next to that is the second marina. Now this marina is shared with Hunters Harbor and Sillery Bay. And it does have its own separate boat ramp. To join that you actually become a member of the boat club and it’s very affordable to get a slip for year-round basically access to keep your boat there.

So really these three communities are really great for anybody who wants to be near the water, on the water, loves boating. None of these have an HOA, some of them are a special tax district where it comes out of the taxes. Some of them are voluntary, but living here you get these great benefits of having access to the water, the boat ramps, the private beaches. It’s really nice place to hang out during the warm summer months especially.

Sillery Bay

So now we’re here at Sillery Bay. They have their own, again, private beach with playground equipment, pavilion that they have special access to as a member of the community. The style of the homes in this community, you’ll see a lot of ranchers, some colonials, some split floors, but a lot of these were actually older beach homes. People living in the city would come down and they’d vacation here. So they’re not a lot of huge houses, but they do have some decent lot sizes, a quarter, half acre, and sometimes even more.

So that’s going to really end the tour of Sylvan View, Hunters Harbor and Sillery Bay. If you have any questions about the communities, or if you’re looking to buy or sell, please give me a comment below or shoot me a direct message. Thanks for watching and I’ll see you again on another episode of Creative Communities.

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