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Divine Mercy Academy

Saints and Scholars Campaign

Inspiring Success: Divine Mercy Academy Raises $430,000 at Annual Gala

We are thrilled to announce the remarkable success of Divine Mercy Academy’s recent annual gala, where an astounding $430,000 was raised in support of the school’s mission and vision. At Real Creative Group, we had the privilege of partnering with Divine Mercy Academy to produce a captivating video that showcased their unique approach to education and rallied support from their passionate community.

Client Goals and Challenges:

The school faced several challenges that prompted them to seek our assistance. Local families were dissatisfied with the public and private school options available for their children. They felt excluded from the educational process, worried about declining standards, and longed for a curriculum that aligned with their Catholic faith. Additionally, the financial burden of private education made it inaccessible for some families. Our task was to address these concerns and inspire parents to consider Divine Mercy Academy as the solution.

Real Creative Group’s Solution:

Understanding the client’s goals and challenges, we crafted a compelling video that highlighted the core values of Divine Mercy Academy and showcased the benefits of a Classical Catholic Liberal Arts Education. Through interviews with parents, students, and staff, we portrayed the vibrant and nurturing environment of the school, emphasizing the importance of parental involvement, critical thinking skills, and faith-based education. The video conveyed the unique proposition of the school and urged viewers to support their mission.

  • Result: $430,000 Raised at the Gala: We are proud to share that the video premiered at Divine Mercy Academy’s annual gala, leaving a profound impact on the attendees. The compelling storytelling, coupled with the passionate testimonials, motivated individuals to open their hearts and generously contribute to the cause. The gala resulted in an outstanding fundraising amount of $430,000, a testament to the unwavering support of the Divine Mercy Academy community.
  • Impact and Future: The funds raised through the gala will play a crucial role in sustaining Divine Mercy Academy, ensuring the provision of an exceptional education for current and future students. The donations will support the talented and selfless faculty, allowing them to continue imparting wisdom, virtue, and critical thinking skills to the students. With these funds, Divine Mercy Academy will further strengthen its position as a leading institution that prepares children to be both saints and scholars.

Real Creative Group is immensely proud to have been part of Divine Mercy Academy’s journey. We are delighted to have helped them achieve their fundraising goals and create a positive impact in their community. The success of the gala not only solidifies the school’s position as a beacon of excellence but also reinforces the importance of a Classical Catholic Liberal Arts Education. We extend our heartfelt congratulations to Divine Mercy Academy and look forward to witnessing their continued growth and success.

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