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Daily Scoop Best Dessert Place

in Pasadena Maryland

Real Creative Group invites you to check out The Daily Scoop, voted the Best Dessert Place in Pasadena, MD.

The now former owner, Michael Lindner aka “Mr. Ice Cream Man,” has been proudly serving the Pasadena community for over 16 years. But, he is passing the torch to the next generation, new owners Mark and Adam Cohen. Who will take on The Daily Scoop tradition of great ice cream, and great customer service.

Mark and Adam are brothers, who currently own the Annapolis Ice Cream Company, as well as Always Ice Cream in West Annapolis. They’ve always loved The Daily Scoop, and would visit often growing up. When the opportunity to purchase the store arose, they jumped right on it.

With this new acquisition brought concerns from the community. But the new owners are emphasizing they have no plans of changing anything, except for some initial improvements to make the lives of the staff easier, such as new registers and t-shirts. Michael is also staying on board, and still making ice cream along with Dan, a full-time ice cream maker and Michael’s protege.

All the flavors and assortments will remain, but they might bring a couple of new dairy-free and vegan options to the store. They have these options at their other stores, and it’s very popular to the new generation of ice cream goers.

You can still find The Daily Scoop on Facebook, as well as Instagram, where they will keep customers updated on all the new flavors coming out. The Daily Scoop is open 7 days a week. Sunday through Thursday from 12-9, and Friday and Saturday 12-10.

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Instagram: @DailyScoopPasadena and @AlwaysIceCreamCompany

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