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Best Take-out Restaurants

in Pasadena Maryland

Looking for delicious take-out food in Pasadena, Maryland? Look no further than the top-rated restaurants voted on by our Best of Pasadena community group for 2023! 

Whether you’re in the mood for Mexican, Italian, American, or Asian cuisine, our community group has carefully selected the best take-out restaurants that the area has to offer. From mouth-watering pizzas to sizzling fajitas, juicy burgers, and delectable sushi rolls, these top-rated take-out restaurants are sure to satisfy any craving. Get ready to indulge in some of the best take-out food that Pasadena, Maryland has to offer!

9. El Pilar

El Pilar, located at 8109 Fort Smallwood Road, is a fantastic Mexican restaurant that offers delicious take-out food. Their menu features a wide variety of authentic Mexican dishes that are freshly made and full of flavor. Whether you’re in the mood for tacos, burritos, or fajitas, El Pilar’s take-out food is a great choice for anyone who loves flavorful and convenient Mexican cuisine.

8. The Rumor Meal

The Rumor Meal, located at 4730 Mountain Road, serves up amazing take-out food for lunch or dinner, including pizza, burgers, wings, and other bar food favorites. It’s no secret that The Rumor Meal has some of the best take-out food in town, earning its reputation as “the least kept secret in town.” Their delicious and convenient food is perfect for anyone looking for a quick and satisfying meal on the go.

7. Szechuan Cafe

Szechuan Cafe, located at 4315 Mountain Road, is a must-try Asian restaurant that offers delicious carry-out food. Their menu boasts an extensive range of Chinese cuisine and sushi that is always freshly made and full of flavor. From classic Chinese dishes like General Tso’s chicken to creative sushi rolls like the Pasadena Roll, Szechuan Cafe’s carry-out food is perfect for anyone looking for a flavorful and convenient meal.

6. Anthony’s

Anthony’s, an Italian restaurant located at 8010 Hog Neck Road, is a popular spot for its delicious take-out food as well as its inviting dine-in restaurant and wine bar. Their menu features a mouth-watering selection of pizzas, pastas, salads, and more, all made with fresh and high-quality ingredients. Whether you’re looking to enjoy a quick take-out meal at home or a leisurely dine-in experience with friends, Anthony’s has something for everyone.

5. Primo Pasta Kitchen

Primo Pasta Kitchen, located at 8557 Fort Smallwood Road, is a highly-regarded Italian restaurant that is consistently recognized for their exceptional food. Their menu features a wide range of delicious pizzas, pastas, salads, and more, all made with fresh and high-quality ingredients. In addition to their excellent take-out service, Primo Pasta Kitchen also provides an inviting dine-in experience, allowing patrons to enjoy their delicious Italian cuisine in a cozy and welcoming atmosphere.

4. Gourmet Pizza and Subs

Gourmet Pizza and Subs is a wonderful family-owned and operated restaurant located at 8541 Fort Smallwood Road. They offer a wide selection of delicious take-out food, including their signature pizzas made with homemade sauce and hand-made dough, as well as other tasty dishes like soups, hamburgers, crab cakes, and honey mustard shrimp salad. Gourmet Pizza and Subs is a go-to choice for anyone looking for high-quality and flavorful take-out food in the area.

3. Passion Asian Bistro

Passion Asian Bistro, located at 25 Magothy Beach Road in Pasadena MD, is a local favorite known for their authentic Asian food. Their Chinese and sushi menus feature a variety of delectable options, including their renowned chef signature rolls and flavorful Thai dishes. Passion Asian Bistro’s take-out food is perfect for those who are looking for a convenient and tasty meal that doesn’t sacrifice on quality.

2. Carini’s Pizza and Subs

Carini’s Pizza and Subs, located at 8894 Fort Smallwood Road, is the perfect spot for those looking for a comforting and satisfying meal. Whether you’re in the mood for classic pizza or a hearty sub with fries, they offer convenient carry-out or delivery options to fit your needs. Don’t forget to check out their online specials for great deals on their menu of delicious comfort foods.

1. Bella Napoli

Voted as the #1 pick for the best take-out restaurant in Pasadena, Bella Napoli is an Italian restaurant located at 350 Mountain Road that is known for its authentic and flavorful cuisine. Their dedicated take-out entrance and parking lot in the back make it easy to pick up your order and enjoy their delicious food on-the-go. From classic pasta dishes to fresh seafood and mouth-watering pizza, Bella Napoli’s take-out menu is sure to satisfy your cravings for delicious Italian cuisine.

Well, there you have it! Our 2023 picks for the Best Take-out Restaurants in Pasadena as voted on by local residents in our Best of Pasadena Facebook group. If you’re new to town or just looking for something new to try, be sure to check out one of these great establishments. If your favorite didn’t make the list, make sure you join our community to let us know, and vote on the current poll!

And finally, if you need help finding your new home in Pasadena or another great city here in Maryland, let me know. I’d love to assist you in any way possible!

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