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Best Snowball Stands

in Pasadena Maryland

In this video, we’re highlighting the best places to enjoy a Maryland style snowball in Pasadena.

Hey everyone, my name is James Bowerman and I live in Pasadena, MD. Here in Maryland, we don’t have snow cones, we have snowballs. A popular sugary shaved ice treat you can only get during the Summer. Our Best of Pasadena community has voted, and these are the winners for Best Snowball.

5. Sun Valley Snowballs

Located at 8065 Jumpers Hole Road next to the Bowling Alley. Customers keep coming back because of their great homemade flavors and excellent customer service. If you’ve never had a snowball before, try the egg custard with marshmallow which is always a fan favorite.

4. Snowball Dave’s

Located at 2616 Mountain Road. Snowball Dave’s is another local favorite in Pasadena, serving up snowballs in the summer and Christmas trees in the winter.

3. Planter’s Paradise

Located at 4553 Mountain Road. Planter’s Paradise is a local family owned business in Pasadena for over 30 years. Aside from their wide variety of snowball flavors they also offer plants, flowers and local produce including corn from the Eastern shore.

2. Kona Ice

You can find this mobile snowball truck throughout Pasadena, and the owners would be happy to be a part of your next event. Kona Ice offers a fun snowball experience with lays and color changing cups, along with some exotic “Krafted” flavors for the adults. While most stands will be shut down by October, Kona Ice is available year round, serving up hot chocolate to keep you warm this winter.

1. Kavern

Located at 8370 Baltimore Annapolis Boulevard. People have been known to travel from miles away to get to an original Kavern snowball. Known to some as the best place to get a snowball not just in Pasadena, but in all of Maryland. Kavern distributes its own syrup, supplies, and even ice to snowball stands across the state. You can stop by their Pasadena store to enjoy some ice cream and other frozen handmade novelties as well.

Well, there you have it! Our top picks for the Best Snowball in Pasadena as voted on by local residents in our Best of Pasadena Facebook group.

Did your favorite make the list? Join our community and vote on the current poll by visiting

If you’re new to town or just looking for something new, be sure to check out one of these great establishments. And if you need help finding your new home in Pasadena or another great city here in Maryland, let me know. I’d love to assist you in any way possible. Thanks for watching, and until next time, we’ll see you again soon!

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