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How to Hire a Listing Agent

This is Real Estate Q&A with James Bowerman at the Real Creative Group of Douglas Realty. This month we’re answering the question “How to hire a listing agent?”

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1. Agency

A licensed real estate agent can work with a buyer or seller in a real estate transaction. There is no separate license required, but it does require a different skill set. A seller agent or listing agent has a written agreement with the homeowner and represents the seller.

2. Appearance 

Advises the homeowner on how to best prepare the home for sale. This may include making repairs, improvements, and staging the home.

3. Price 

Presents a comparable market analysis to show what similar homes have sold for. Then makes recommendations on different pricing strategies.

4. Exposure

Markets the home to potential home buyers and other real estate agents. This typically includes producing marketable contents, such as photos, video, and written copy that can be distributed across multiple platforms and media.

5. Negotiation 

Reviews offers received with the homeowner, explaining all of the terms, contingencies, and responsibilities outlined in the legal contract. Then negotiates with the buyers agent to get the seller the most favorable terms.

6. Transaction Management

Maintains constant communicating with the homeowner, title company, buyers lender, buyers agent, inspectors, and other parties involved in the transaction. Ensures all contingencies are met within the agreed upon timeline and may negotiate changes in terms including repairs or credits.

In summary, a listing agent has a written agreement to represent the seller and their best interests in a real estate transaction. Their responsibilities include advising the seller on the appearance, selecting a price, and marketing the property to homebuyers. The listing agent will then review and negotiate offers, and manage the transaction to make sure it closes, while eliminating as many pain points as possible for the seller.

If you have any questions, be sure to leave a comment below. And if you’re thinking about selling, give me a call to schedule your consultation. Until next time, thanks for watching and I’ll see you again soon!

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